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Highest Pharmaceutical Co., Limited
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  • 144-55-8 (Sodium bicarbonate)

    Molecular Formula:NaHCO3    Molecular Weight:84.01
    EINECS:205-633-8    Density:2.173 g/cm3
    Boiling Point:333.6 °C at 760 mmHg    Flash Point:169.8 °C

  • 13573-18-7 (Sodium triphosphate)

    Molecular Formula:H3Na2O10P3    Molecular Weight:301.9186

  • 1344-09-8 (Sodium silicate)

    Molecular Formula:Na2 SiO3    Molecular Weight:184.04
    EINECS:215-687-4    Density:2.33 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
    Boiling Point:2355 °C(lit.)   

  • 1310-73-2 (Sodium hydroxide)

    Molecular Formula:NaOH    Molecular Weight:40.00
    EINECS:215-185-5    Density:2.13 g/cm3
    Boiling Point:1388 °C, 1661 K, 2530 °F    Flash Point:176-178 °C

  • 10326-27-9 (Barium chloride dihydrate)

    Molecular Formula:BaCl2.2(H2O)    Molecular Weight:244.28
    EINECS:233-788-1    Density:3.86 g/cm3
    Boiling Point:100 °C at 760 mmHg   

  • 7757-82-6 (Sodium sulfate)

    Molecular Formula:Na2SO4    Molecular Weight:142.04
    EINECS:231-820-9    Density:2.68 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
    Boiling Point:330 °C at 760 mmHg   

  • 7757-79-1 (Potassium nitrate)

    Molecular Formula:KNO3    Molecular Weight:140.21
    Boiling Point:100 °C750 mm Hg

  • 7664-38-2 (Phosphoric acid)

    Molecular Formula:H3PO4    Molecular Weight:97.99
    EINECS:231-633-2    Density:2.168 g/cm3
    Boiling Point:157.999 °C at 760 mmHg   

  • 7601-54-9 (Trisodium phosphate)

    Molecular Formula:Na3PO4    Molecular Weight:163.94 .
    Boiling Point:Boiling Point: 158 °C at 760 mmHg   

  • 9004-32-4 (Carboxymethyl cellulose)

    Molecular Formula:C2H4O3.xNa.xUnspecified   

  • Sodium Silicate Solid

    Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)
    Port:China Main Port
    Purity:99%Min; 98%Min
    Brand Name:HST

    sodium silicate,solid sodium silicate

  • sodium bicarbonate

    Place of Origin:Inner Mongolia China (Mainland...
    Application:detergent; bread food; feed indust...
    Port:China main port

    sodium bicarbonate food grade,edible sodium bicarbonate

  • washing powder

    Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)
    Detergent Type:Cleaner
    Washing methord:Hand wash and Machine wash

    washing powder

  • Caustic Soda

    Place of Origin:Tianjin China (Mainland)
    Category:alkali chemical
    Port:China main port
    Purity:96%; 98.5%; 99%

    caustic soda,caustic soda

  • Sodium Sulphate

    Place of Origin:Sichuan China (Mainland)
    Port:China Main Port
    Purity:99%Min; 98.5%Min; 98%Min
    Brand Name:HST

    sodium sulphate anhydrous,sodium sulfate

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